Through our activities,

We try to help the people reach their full potential

What We Do

Rural Development Programme

Plantation with social forestry :
During this year, 4000 number of Akashmony, Subabool, Babool, Firs, Eucalyptus, Mehagini and Sundari were planted on the roadsides and canalsides with fencing protection, manures and labour cost at Kalatalahat area to support the community people for establishment of health & hygenic environment with greenery movements for the atmosphere performed by 100 volunteers and others.
Road Repairs :
By survey and field visit, the organizational volunteers had noticed that about 1km of rural roads in the interior was damaged by devastating rainfall. The organization with its 50 volunteers repaired those damaged roads to facilitate the local vendors, passerbyes, etc. by the organizational contribution of finance.
Garbage Cleaning :
A portion of drainage on village roadsides got silted with cover of garbages which prevented easy sewerage. So during the year, the garbages were cleaned and reshaped in order to facilitate sewerage. The work was completed within 5 days employing 5 labours financed from the donation fund of the organization.

Health Programme

Maternity Supports :
10 nos. of distressed maternity mothers for their maintenance of pre-natal & post-natal care services are supported by the organisation with nutritional food & medicine, custody & care of ANM as advised by a qualified doctor.
Eye Check Up Camp :
Like every year, this year as well, we have conducted an eye check up camp with 650 patients participating in 3 days duration treated by qualified doctor and health workers in collaboration with Lions Club Kolkata. 90 patients got 10L operation while the rest had undergone cataract operation. After operation, the patients are given suitable spectacles. The camp completed successfully and satisfied the local community entirely.
Family Welfare & Population Education :
A larger camp with 100 eligible new couples have been organized by the organization with designated resource persons / officials of family planning section who advised the couples to adopt natural family planning process as well as to apply with integrated family planning system to form small family norms with one or two children to solve population crisis. The participants have been influenced and convinced of this reality through circulation of knowledge.
Health Check Up Camp :
During this year we have conducted 12 health check up camps, once in a month, at the organization premises with careful medical treatment by local medical team to 360 local general and chronic poor patients, 30 in each camp on average, who have been distributed with medicines for their emergency need as the patients got temporary relief for their prevention and care.
Blood donation camp was held under observation of the local medical team at organization courtyard with decoration, mike announces to entertain with refreshment for the intending blood donors after conducting of seminar. 52 blood donors attended the camp and gifted precious drops of blood for saving patients‘ lives. It is a great gift as the organization had given public notification welcoming the intending blood donors.
Community Education & Cultural Health :
Grant from Directorate of Library Services, Government of India, was obtained to improve our Library by increasing the volume of books, purchased and utilized for studying culture in the year, as the regular book readers and library members grew in number. Tagore Commemoration Grant Scheme financially supported by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, through Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation for our celebration of 150th birth anniversary of Guru Rabindranath Tagore as celebrated this year gorgeously with library study programme review and verification of library study through careful examination & seminar with 100 participants organized by the invited designated educationists with cultural function conducted on multifarious topics e.g. Rabindra Sangeets, dances, dramas, recitation etc. Before this, three months rehearsal programme to make stage free and expert local artists on different topics was organized by a Guru/Director. Prompters, Scripters etc performed with great results. A plenty of participants and the audience enjoyed the programme with enormous recreation.

Livelihood Support Service Programme

Regular Support :
The organization has rendered support to the distressed. Each month 10 poorest to the poor families, for their survival, are provided food & medicinal assistances to strengthen their resource and mental health for maintenance of their livelihood temporarily.
Occasional Support :
On the occasional celebration of Independence Day & other notable festivals including pujas,which is conducted as an annual programme for 4 consecutive days, 400 poor persons got food & clothes support from the organization. 10 handicapped persons were also given support services by this programme.

Educational Programme

Regular Support :
To encourage the poor but meritorious students for their regular school studies, free books & educational materials were distributed to 30 such students. Requests are coming from more and more students students every year. The expenses are borne by the organization‘s donation and collection fund.
Occasional Support :
As per decision taken by the organization to cover more poor students‘ needs as well as to encourage the students of Madhyamik and Higher Secondary Examinations, the organization has made an urge to assist 20 such poor students with financial assistance.

Rights Based Programme (with Advocacy)

Advocacy on acquiring legal rights to find well placement with State / Central Govt. as larger section of people mainly Bargadars / Agricultural day labours holding traditional old method of cultivation.
Advocacy to have family peace by conduction of Family Counseling and to join legal awareness camp for women empowerment.
All 3 camps, which were organised under this programme, were very successful with bright performances. The expenses were borne by the organization‘s donation fund.

Environmental Awareness Programme

On Bio Diversity Conservation taken up by the organization, 3 workshops were conducted with 150 backward villagers participating and made aware to foster hygienic environment and control acute pollution problem.
2 other events were conducted under this programme in this year namely a) Sit & Draw Competition among 30 students to reveal their true potential and b) Padayatra / Rally for local public notification with 100 volunteers distributing stickers, banners and leaflets.

Health Awareness Programme

Pulse Polio Tika :
The organization conducted motivation and awareness camp as village based group discussed with 300 parents / caretakers of children and motivated them to carry their children to the Pulse Polio camp performed with 100 percent achievement.
Mother and child care :
Building good child health depends on real care of their mothers and caretakers in systematic way because children are the future generation of the nation. So the organization has conducted 2 camps to aware 100 backward mothers and caretakers and convinced them to take care of their children for betterment with reference to take full course of immunizations.

Sensitization Programme

Women Empowerment :
By conducting survey, we have found that we need motivation and assessment in the operational area of the villages with issue that most women are neglected / family discarded and are in disadvantageous position. The organization has carried out 5 sensitization camps with 250 disadvantaged women participants who have been sensitized and advised to form self help group for their socio-economic empowerment.
3 camps were conducted by the organization with 150 malnourished (pre-natal and post-natal) mothers, sensitized them by the local medical team, advised them to take care for their health & hygiene and also referred them to take full immunization course to the nearer PHC.
2 camps were conducted by the organization with 100 eligible couples – advised them to follow the small family norms by adopting Family Planning process and save menacing population crisis.
All camps were completed successfully with bright response of participants who have found their reality at the camps.

Training cum Demonstration on Pisciculture Programme

10 BPL fishermen through forming a group were encouraged for circulation of skill development knowledge on pisciculture trade / business by providing training and demonstration facilities with assistance to the group for taking lease of ponds, fingerlings, manures, times & netting charges from the organization for raising their income.

Training cum Production Programme

The organization with the selection of poorest level beneficiaries has undertaken (1) Skill training programme as well as production phase programme by proving technical expert assistance and (2) Financial assistance for production phase on a) Modern scientific agriculture with 30 marginal farmers participants b) on Tailoring trade with 30 disadvantaged women and on Embroidery trade with 20 disadvantaged women participants for 1 month duration of each trade came out the camps successfully. In respect of production please those beneficiaries have been assisted with finance by the organization, collection fund to afford the beneficiaries families by selling of products with remunerative market prices.
Annual Cultural Functional Shows Programme have been conducted by 30 expert Artists organized by Directors, Prompters, Scripters, Stagemen, Volunteers with distribution of different Sangeets, Baul Sangeets, Folk Dance and Folk Dramas with gorgeous Decoration Stage Materials, Dias Set, Transportation, cotunes, Light Mike Generator in presence with 10 invited guests performed with bright response of audiences participation as felt draw recreation and break monotonous livelihood.

Games & Sports with Competition Events

The organization has given topmost priority to the development of youth groups through coaching, tournaments and competition events in sports & games, athletics to encourage youth to keep and preserve their body fit, to build sound physique with sound mind.
In this year the organization has prepared and reorganized playground, arranged players teams for Football, Volleyball, Cricket and Kabadi tournaments.
Also organised tournaments for sports & games, athletics and other competition events to encourage the winners with awards and attractive prizes set up with good decoration, mike management and 70 competitors participated for 2 days.