Concertedly, we work

throughout the district for the upliftment of the poor people

Who We Are

We are an NGO operating in Diamond Harbour (Block-II) of South 24 Parganas in West Bengal.

Historical Background:
From Bhawanipur, P.O. – Mukundapur, P.S. – Ramnagar (then Diamond Harbour) of South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal, a group of youth had started charitable activities on 23rd of January 1995 by distributing clothes to 8 children and 8 elderly persons of some disprivileged community. Smt. Parul Bala Mondal patronized the programme. Later along with her, some other villagers also cooperated with those youth to continue the charitable and welfare activities. But due to employment and other pre-occupation, those youth were scattered in different places and their endeavor was nipped in the bud. Rabindra Nath Mondal, one of those youth, became established at Kalatalahat and started blood donation camp and clothes distribution on 15th August, 2000. On that auspicious day, Kalatala Sristhi Sathi Rural Development Society was established and registered under Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961. Later it received Income Tax Registration (12A & 80G) on September 2009, also FCRA in June 2010. Till date no NGO grant or any regular programme support from Government and any other agency has been received by KSSRDS. But the activities of the society have not stopped. Generous support from members, well-wishers and local people has helped KSSRDS run it’s activities smoothly though in a low profile. Members expect it to spread out vastly in the near future.

Organizational Structure

Kalatala Sristhi Sathi Rural Development Society is managed by an elected Managing Committee, comprising of 11 members. Election is held once each year. Thereafter 25 general members elect an executive body through casting their votes. The members of the Managing Committee meet once in a month where as the general members meet thrice in a year. Managing Committee remains accountable to the general members. All decisions of the management are taken in board meeting and some major decisions are taken for granted after being approved by the general members in a general meeting.
General Body -> Managing Committee -> Anchal Committee -> Village Committee -> Para Committee
General Body:
General Body is formed of active persons involved in organizational work who meet once in a year in the general body meeting and as and when required to design and approve all the activities of the governing body.
General Body of KSSRDS is a combination of youth and villagers of Diamond Harbour Block-II particularly Falta SEZ and adjustment area. At present, the total no. of general body members is 153. General Body is the Supreme authority of KSSRDS. All the activities to be done by the organisation are to be approved by the General Body. General Body decides on the policy frame work of appointment of auditor and election of Governing Body is the task of the General Body.
Advisory Board:
The advisory board is comprised of eminent persons like :
Programme Structure:
The programme we do can be classified as under :
  • Resources
    • Human
    • Financial
  • Activities
    • Seminar
    • Workshop
    • Meetings
    • Rallies
    • Cultural Action
    • Festival

Our Vision

To save the women, children, youth and elders from the unprivileged society and to get their constitutional rights as citizens of India

Our Mission

From Secretary's Desk

Dear Friends,
It is a great pleasure to present the Annual report of Kalatala Sristhi Sathi Rural Development Society (KSSRDS), our rural base organization for the year 2016-2017 documenting the progress of activities, impact assessment and experience gained in our course of activities.
Though KSSRDS have not received any institutional donation or regular project grant yet the progress of work in micro level in different sector is not so bad. Rather the spread of our activities in the identified villages have been quite encouraging.
Kalatala Sristhi Sathi Rural Development Society was formed by a group of young people in Kalatala and adjacent area with a vision to achieve a value oriented sustainable activities based eco-friendly social orientation, economic growth, capacity building and empowerment of the displaced and local people with all Constitutional Rights as true Citizen of India.
We must convey our heartiest gratitude to the members of governing body, staff, local Gram Panchayat authority, block officials for their direct participation and active co-operation for the success of the activities undertaken.
We also convey thanks and best wishes to the rural people of our working area who volunteer to organize their contribution and participate in implementation of different activities for their sustainable upliftment. It is my bounded duty to convey the best wishes on behalf of Kalatala Sristhi Sathi Rural Development Society to those who never hesitate to reciprocate to our call for the people’s development in sustainable manner.
Rabindranath Mondal